Practice Areas:

Workers Compensation 

Benefits pay individuals who suffer injuries or illnesses on the job. Your employer’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance carrier, may not be willing to give you all the benefits you deserve under the law… Read More about Workman’s Compensation

Social Security Disability

Sometimes disability results from a combination of health problems and just because you are able to do some things, does not mean you are not disabled. Depending on your age, work experience and others factors, you may be entitled to disability benefits. … Read More about Social Security Disability

Family Law

When family legal issues arise, it is difficult for all involved. Family law and domestic disputes can be very delicate. At Dunaway Law Office we can give you the legal help you need while providing a comfortable and non-threatening environment that will make you feel at ease… Read More about Family Law

Criminal Law

The Dunaway Law Office is here to ensure the rights of the accused are upheld. We believe that our clients are innocent until proven guilty. Criminal charges no matter the extent, should be dealt with in a timely way… Read More about Criminal Defense Law


We have all been through the death of a loved one. Sometimes the process is simple. Most of the time there are issues that come up that we all need help with. The Dunaway Law Firm can help. Read More about Probate Law

Personal Injury

Personal injury claims can be confusing! If you have been injured in a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or moped accident you need to know what to do. If your injuries are from a slip and fall, a nursing home incident, or a dog bite you might be wondering if you even have a claim… Read More about Personal Injury

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"I was involved in a car accident which was not my fault. I was hurt and my daughter’s car was severely damaged. I was having pain from this accident and due to complications ended up in the hospital. Mr. Tom Dunaway negotiated with the insurance company and I was awarded a big settlement. I can’t imagine ever using another Attorney for anything. I would recommend Mr. Tom Dunaway and his staff to any of my friends and family. The [paralegals] working in his office made certain that all my questions were answered and my phone calls returned. Mr. Tom Dunaway worked on my case until he got the results that we wanted."


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